On a tight budget? Let us know! We'll do whatever we can to make it work!

Special discounts available for non-profits, community organizations, starving artists and musicians!

We can SAVE YOU MONEY on your tee-shirt and
screen printing needs!

Pricing starts at $6.50 per shirt when ordering 12 or more

(printing included!)
Prices go down with quantity
The more you order, the cheaper they get!

Please contact our office for a price quote customized to your specific needs.
Office (614) 262-9499
Cell (614) 580-5454

With all of the available options out there we'll need to speak or e-mail with you in order to provide you with an exact price. Some of the factors which can affect the price:
    - Type of shirt: short sleeved, long sleeve, crew neck or v-neck.
    - Shirt material: std cotton, ultra soft, cotton/poly blend, tri-blend.
    - Quantity of shirts: No minimum order is required. The more         you buy the cheaper they get!
    - How many areas of the shirt would you like printed on? We can
      print on the front, back, sleeve(s) or all three.
    - Do you have a design ready? If not we're glad to lend a hand!
    - How many colors are there in your design?
    - Available sizes are Youth XS through Adult 6X. Sizes 2X and           above cost a little more.